Complimentary Workshops

small workshopWelcome! If you’ve found this webpage, you are one of the lucky few whom we have offered to do a complimentary workshop for at your location! Congrats! That means there is something special about you, as we do very few of these monthly (sometimes not even monthly).

Our complimentary workshops are highly customizable. Our goal is to help support your clientele by building on concepts and ideas you are already putting forth, to help your tribe realize their goals more quickly. We are looking to help you provide for your clients in a new way via our workshop, while we gain a bit of visibility.

Past workshop titles  include:

– breaking the sugar habit

– understanding the work/life/health balance

– optimal nutrition for the advanced athlete

– increasing energy through fitness and food

– shifting your mood through nutrition

– stress management on a tight schedule

– efficient nutrition for the fast-paced professional

Again, we customize each workshop (and its title) to fit your needs. You provide the wonderful people and space, and we provide the interactive and fun workshop. It’s small businesses helping small businesses, and giving back to this wonderful community of individuals who care to improve their health.

All we ask of you, is that once you say yes, you stay committed to the date we agree upon out of respect for us, our time, and whomever else could have had your spot should you not have said yes. We also ask that you have more than 8 people in attendance.

Once we choose a date together, we will provide you with a email template to send to your clients, and flyers to print and hang within and around your location. We do our best to make the process as easy as possible for you!

Thank you for being a health-focused establishment making a difference in our community! We look forward to the possibility of working with you!

If you have any additional questions, please email Shaquelle at