Wheat: An Overview (Then, Now, and What It Means)

I've been reading the book Wheat Belly and have been thinking about how the agricultural evolutions during the last decade have contributed to the state of health/weight in America. AND how I could break it down to share with our readers. Then, this morning, I received an email from Hungry for Change with a link … Continue reading Wheat: An Overview (Then, Now, and What It Means)


Saying “Sorry. No. And Thank You” with Meaning.

Borrowed from the delightful Kris Carr, here is a few though on how to say what you mean and mean what you say! —————————— Sorry. No. Thank you … January 28, 2013 I have a deep-rooted calling to feel happy. To love the skin I’m in and to embrace all the nooks and crannies that … Continue reading Saying “Sorry. No. And Thank You” with Meaning.

The Morning After: Thanksgiving

It's happened to everyone: that guilt that creeps in the morning after we do something "bad." Let's face it: this time of year, it's usually to do with too many cookies, potatoes, pies, or just servings! The simple fact is, letting yourself get wrapped up in the feelings of regret over falling off the wagon … Continue reading The Morning After: Thanksgiving

The Ever-Controversial Aspartame:

I happened upon this article about aspartame by Food Matters, and thought it was worth sharing. Aspartame is one of the most-argued-about substances when it comes to the general public. What do you think about it? Do you believe all the arguments against it? Do you consume it anyway? From Food Matters: Aspartame, more commonly … Continue reading The Ever-Controversial Aspartame:

What to Feed Your Pet: Doggy McDonalds?

It's a no brainier to think about the foods that you're putting into your body; balanced meals, quality ingredients, high in nutritional value, low in preservatives and chemicals. What about what you're feeding your pet? Unfortunately, pet food companies do as much "health washing" as companies marketing to people. Health washing is the practice of … Continue reading What to Feed Your Pet: Doggy McDonalds?

Go to India with Vedic Odyssey!

Two years ago, I embarked upon a life-altering journey through India with Vedic Odyssey. I am now partnering Vedic Odyssey to provide travelers with great information on how to use Indian cuisine and spices to improve their health for their February culinary tour! Should you join them, the booklet you receive will be chock-full of resources … Continue reading Go to India with Vedic Odyssey!