Why Kale Is So Amazing!

Kale! I love kale! I love to juice it, put it in salads, steam it, sauté it-- all of it! Here are some reasons why it's so great: — It has cancer-fighting benefits (due to its unusual concentration of two types of antioxidants- carotenoids and flavonoids), which in this day and age is smart for … Continue reading Why Kale Is So Amazing!


Why Broccoli Is So Amazing

I think it's funny how there's this silly historical battle of kids vs. broccoli. I, personally, have always loved it! But-- it's out there. Some people just don't like these adorable, tree-like,super beneficial veggie. Let's change that! Here are some more reasons why broccoli is so great: —Good source of vitamins A and C —Excellent … Continue reading Why Broccoli Is So Amazing

Baby’s First Juicer: What To Think About When Buying a Juicer

Congratulations on taking a giant leap for your health!!! The decision to start juicing is one that I can't recommend highly enough-- for a little bit about why juicing is so great, check out this! And this! Amazon sent me an email earlier this week with the top rated juicers (I had been researching for … Continue reading Baby’s First Juicer: What To Think About When Buying a Juicer


Why Veggies Are SO Amazing!

So, one of my dearest, dearest friends has decided to start juicing!!!! : )  I'm so excited for her and all the goodness that will ensue! But starting a new path on your health journey like this can be confusing and overwhelming! One of the questions she asked me was what the specific benefits of … Continue reading Why Veggies Are SO Amazing!


Juicing for Weight-Loss and Detoxification

I'm on a juicing kick! BUT! It's important to note that juicing isn't for everyone.  If you are making fruity juices, it can introduce a large amount of sugar into your body and cause blood glucose spikes because the fiber from the actual fruit isn't there to be digested and slow down the absorption rate … Continue reading Juicing for Weight-Loss and Detoxification