Why Kale Is So Amazing!


Kale! I love kale! I love to juice it, put it in salads, steam it, sauté it– all of it!

Here are some reasons why it’s so great:
— It has cancer-fighting benefits (due to its unusual concentration of two types of antioxidants- carotenoids and flavonoids), which in this day and age is smart for everyone to think about!
— It supports the detoxification process in the body.
— It lowers cholesterol–especially when it’s steamed.
— One cup provides more than 100% of the daily value of vitamin K and A.
— One hundred calories of Kale provides the body with 25% – 35% of the recommended, most basic omega-3 fatty acids.
— It’s a cruciferous veggie, so it provides similar health benefits to broccoli and cabbage.

So check it out!!! And here’s a nice, simple recipe to get you started!

Why Broccoli Is So Amazing

I think it’s funny how there’s this silly historical battle of kids vs. broccoli. I, personally, have always loved it! But– it’s out there. Some people just don’t like these adorable, tree-like,super beneficial veggie.

Let’s change that!

Here are some more reasons why broccoli is so great:
—Good source of vitamins A and C
—Excellent resource for calcium for those who don’t rely on dairy (which is good!)
—It’s great for providing fiber, AND half is soluble and half is in-soluble, so it helps you towards your daily needs for both types.
—It (and other cabbages) belong to the cruciferous family, and have great cancer-fighting benefits.
—It (and many other veggies) will help to alkalizer your body, which is very important!

Not convinced? Try this recipe!!!

Baby’s First Juicer: What To Think About When Buying a Juicer

Congratulations on taking a giant leap for your health!!! The decision to start juicing is one that I can’t recommend highly enough– for a little bit about why juicing is so great, check out this! And this!

Amazon sent me an email earlier this week with the top rated juicers (I had been researching for a friend who is just beginning to juice, and Amazon remembered and is a marketing genius and sent me the list…). According to Amazon consumers, these top five juicers take the cake:

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer, Black and Chrome 

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor 

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer, White

Breville  JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicing Machine 

Omega J8003 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer, White 

But which one is right for you?

First things first: once you’ve read this, you should continue to read around to pick to perfect one for you! I’ll provide you with some links to other sources, but find some of your own! Read customer reviews on multiple sites, talk to people at juice bars and health food stores. These recommendations are based on the research I’ve done, but may not be right for you.

Here are some things to think about:

— What type of juicer is it?
—– Masticating juicers grind you food up at a slower speed. They break up the cells so you get more complete nutrition. Literally, it chews (hence, masticating!) up your fruits and veggies and then squeezes the juice out. Because they operate at a slower speed, the juice doesn’t heat up as much as with other types of juicers. This is important! Heating up the juice kills some nutrients and the enzymes that your body needs to process and absorb the nutrients! Also, because they don’t get heated up, they don’t oxidize (like when a cut up apple turns brown) as quickly. This is GOOD– especially if you’re a busy bee and will want to juice the night before or something.
—– Centrifugal juicers work at a much higher speed. As you feed the veggie in, it meets with a spinning plate (think flat cheese grater) with fine metal mesh walls. The juice spins around through the mesh walls, and the pulp shoots out the back of the juicer into a special pulpy place.  Because of the high speed and friction, the juice heats up and will oxidize more quickly. I personally avoid this by drinking the juice right away…

— How much do you plan to juice?
—– Though it would be great if you could juice every day, that’s  not realistic for everyone. If you’re planning to make a big lifestyle change and become a serious juicer, you would be wise to invest in a more expensive, higher quality machine. If not, there are less expensive machines out there that get the job done!

–How much can you afford to spend?
—– This sort of goes with the one above.  I bought my first juicer from a target-like store for around $70 bucks. It’s not the best machine, but I was a college student and it was better than nothing. However, I am saving up to buy my first big girl juicer. Hopefully SOON!

— What do you plan to juice?
—– Of course, I recommend juicing lots and LOTS of veggies with a little fruit mixed in for taste. But the veggies are where it’s at, so to speak.  For veggies, one of the juicers above would probably be best; however, there are also juicers specific to other purposes, such as citrus or wheatgrass.

Always– any juicing is better than no juicing, but if you’re gonna do it, why not do it right!?!? Right now I have a cheap centrifugal juicer, but I can’t wait until I can buy a new one– one of the omega masticating juicers, for sure. Talking with one of my juiciest juicer friends and inspirations, she told me that she has an Omega masticating juicer– the vertical one. She told me that she used to have a nice Breville juicer that served it’s purpose, but that once she got the Omega, she realized what she’d been missing: the richness of flavor was so much greater with the Omega, and she could taste the different layered favors of the veggies; whereas the Breville just kind of blended them all together and seemed less robust.

She also mentioned the same thing that I did when it comes to cost– if you’re serious about making a major life and health change, it is worth the investment of a quality machine.  Here are a couple of websites that give a good comparison of the machines and will help you make the decision:

Good luck! Feel free to be in touch with any questions! And while you’re emailing us anyway, why not try to snag one of Monica’s free strategy sessions this month? Email support@hhfusion.com

Happy juicing!!!!!

Why Veggies Are SO Amazing!

So, one of my dearest, dearest friends has decided to start juicing!!!! : )  I’m so excited for her and all the goodness that will ensue!

But starting a new path on your health journey like this can be confusing and overwhelming! One of the questions she asked me was what the specific benefits of each veggie are, and what they might do for different ailments or conditions. I looked all over the internet, and found these cool resources!

A cool overview of veggies by color and what they have to offer:
Here are some more specific lists with benefits of individual veggies:
But THIS is probably the best option– I’ll probably get it for myself once I have a few spare dollars! It looks awesome!
The “Juicing Bible” book lists what all produce qualities are. It also lists health problems and what juice combos aid that problem. But the real worth of the book is not only the recipes but you can look up ANY veg/fruit/herb item and it will give you a full description of:
Actions – what the produce actually does for you
Uses – Same as above but more detail and vitamin content
Juicing Yield
So, hopefully this gives you some new information about the wonders of VEGGIES and all that they can do of your health!  If you’d like help more specific to your needs, why not shoot us an email at support@hhfusion.com for a free strategy session with Monica???

Juicing for Weight-Loss and Detoxification

I’m on a juicing kick!

BUT! It’s important to note that juicing isn’t for everyone.  If you are making fruity juices, it can introduce a large amount of sugar into your body and cause blood glucose spikes because the fiber from the actual fruit isn’t there to be digested and slow down the absorption rate (check back for more on fiber from Monica later this week!). So, if you have blood-sugar issues, this is something to be aware of.

For this reason we suggest very veggie juices (like the one I told you about here ) because they’re less sugary!

Something I like to tell people about the detox and weight-loss benefits of juicing or doing a sweet little juice fast is this: the toxins we eat and are subjected to are sometimes fat soluble instead of water soluble. This means that they will store themselves deep in your fat cells and not go away, which means the fat won’t go away! You may be going strong for a while, but then hit a weight-loss wall.  Sound familiar?  When doing a detox, the  toxins bind to certain minerals in the juices (also look back this week for a post about which veggies/fruits might give you which benefits!), and then the fat is more available to be eliminated.  Cool, right?

From my friends at wellness resources.com:
“…toxins are stuffed into your fat in the first place to get them away from your metabolism.  When they are in your circulation they can readily disrupt your metabolism, causing weight gain.  Yet, as you lose weight they go back into your circulation.  You must effectively clear them or you will feel crummy, fatigued, irritable, and/or simply not lose any weight.

Sometimes you will lose weight just fine for a while and then you hit a toxic layer of fat.  You didn’t change your diet or exercise – possibly there was a bit more stress – but now you are in a toxic slow down.  Your weight loss will stop or you will start gaining weight as your body now holds water in an effort to dilute the poisons.  If you get frustrated you’ll start eating more, which will actually make you feel much better, as the toxins will be packaged back up into fat and sent back to storage.  Of course, you won’t feel much better next time you look at the scale. ”

I hate that so much gross stuff is in our body that we don’t even know about or have any control over.

The good news is, doing a cleanse every once in a while (I shoot for once a month), helps to eliminate some of these toxins and symptoms!  The body is an amazing machine that, under the right conditions, is very effective at eliminating bad guys and keeping you healthy and happy. The hitch is, the more you eat, the more your body has to work and focus on digesting, and the less time it has to combat the toxic intruders (think about this when it comes to snacking– constant snacking makes it so your body never really has a break to work on other things!). Drinking delicious, detoxifying veggie juices will give your body a break from digestion, enable your body to absorb the necessary nutrients more efficiently, and perhaps be the key to eliminating some of those STUBBORN, ANNOYING, LINGERING pounds!

What is your favorite detox juice recipe?

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