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LadyInParkSince the beginning in 2007, we at Fusion Wellness (originally Holistic Health Fusion) have believed strongly in helping our clients achieve health and happiness by overcoming serious or long-term health/weight-related issues. Our number one priority is to help you meet your nutrition and health goals, whatever they may be.  We specialize in digestive disorders, weight loss, and auto-immune diseases, but help with everything from dietary changes such as veganism, vegetarianism or going gluten-free; decreasing inflammation; lowering blood pressure and/or cholesterol; or even just learning what it truly means to be healthy. Learn more about us and how we work.

Founder and CEO, Monica Meadows, is at the helm of Fusion Wellness. She started coaching individuals on nutrition and overall wellness in 2006. In her decade of working on health with her clients, the number one thing she has learned is that no ONE diet, process, or lifestyle works for everyone. Each person is unique, as should their approach to overall health be. Monica designs each program to meet the needs of the individual. And her clients love her for it. Learn more about Monica here.

You’ll also find a regularly updated BLOG on our site. Our blog is here to give you helpful hints, tips and articles to guide you to the healthiest version of you! Please let us know if there is a specific subject you’d like us to write about!


Let us know how we can help you!: hello@fusionwellnessinc.com

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Ashley says:

    Hey Monica! I read Fit For Life years ago. While I don’t agree with everything in the book, I have been dabbling in food combining for the last few years. I eat all the fruit I want (banana, berries, sometimes I mix with Green Goodness from Bolthouse Farms) until noon. Then I pick either a “carb meal” or a “protein meal” for lunch and dinner. I don’t mix starches with proteins.

    My only difficulty is that I run out of money and ideas for food combining. So I slip sometimes and have mexican food, pizza with cheese, macaroni and cheese, sandwiches…. I think I’m missing some down- to- Earth information on proper food combining and its keeping me stuck eating the same foods. I really like the way I feel with this life style but am I getting enough vitamins? Can I eat pancakes (you have to mix flower and eggs and milk to make the batter)? Do beans count as a protein? Can I eat beans and rice? Can I have a cream based soup with potatoes in it? Can I have corn and chicken? The list of questions goes on and on.

    Do you know of any books that can help? Do you have any meal suggestions? AM I crazy? Help!


    PS. I’m a new subscriber and visit you every day! Keep up the great work!

  2. Patti says:

    Hey Monica, It is so good to see you on-line and I love the brussel sprouts recipe. I am going to try it this week!
    I have been traveling lots, and with Jose staying busy, doing our shows and living the great life we are gifted with each day. Like everyone else, I am trying to stay healthy on ships and on the road, and for the most part I succeed. Just thought I would share some of my latest habits: Most of my intake is raw: Juices and greens in the mornings, when I can find them: if not I do eggs, or yogurt; and then mid-day I make HUGE salads with lots of colored veggies, a good olive oil, lemon juice and a protein on top ( chicken, fish, egg, or beans) and for dinner a pasta dish with carbs for the show. Snacks are often raw almonds, cashews, and veggies or a granny smith apple.
    I have tried TRX training Love it!… which is awesome and simple to do, using straps in a small space or in a gym, my usual 3-5 miles of running, and stretching wherever I can….(yoga or simple stretches)…I find interval training is so much better for my body and it helps my body stay away from the plateau we all hit…sometimes a bit of Insanity work outs if a friend has a DVD to share, or whatever comes up…the key is to “keep the machine moving”,…

    I have thought of you lots recently and wish you so much success. Maybe next time in NYC we can meet up?…..love and hugs, Patti Davila

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