About Monica Meadows

A Letter of Welcome from Founder and CEO of Fusion Wellness, Monica Meadows:

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more about me, and why I do what I do.

Nutrition is actually a second career for me. I started out as an actress and model in New York City. Yes, I dance and sing, and people actually paid me for it! I even had the wonderful rite of passage of being on Law & Order. But, one fateful day, as I was headed to Glamour Magazine, I was randomly shot on the subway between the 34th and 42st Street stops. As you can imagine, this little moment in time turned my life upside down.

As I healed, I realized the important role the health professionals caring for me played -beyond their physical actions. The ones who really invested in me will never understand the impact they had on my life. I suddenly had a great desire to step into the world of healthcare and be a pillar for others, but it took a bit of  patience to discover my passion. One day my friend handed me a book on supplemental natural remedies and I was sold! (I’m omitting the title because I do not advocate everything represented in the book. I think any book on nutrition would have ignited my passion.)

I went back to school three times to acquire degrees and certifications in health sciences, nutrition, and business from schools like Columbia University, Oregon State University, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Fitness too, has always been thrilling to me. I’m a strong believer in choosing exercise you actually enjoy so that you keep doing it for your whole life! I practice what I preach. I discovered a passion for Krav Maga, a self defense art used by the Israeli Defense Force, and became an instructor. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to bring my insights and passions to viewers of NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, On The Record, and multiple news shows. Sometimes I get to put my performance skills to work and do my favorite thing – connect with and hopefully change groups for the better. I had the opportunity to speak at Harvard as well as West Point Military Academy.

I truly believe that realistic, sustainable health practices can save lives. Little steps can make a huge difference. When I was shot, the doctors said that had the bullet gone a millimeter in any direction, I would have died. What little changes can you make that will change your life over time? 




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Recent Unsolicited Testimonials:

“Thank you for everything so far! You’re a visionary, Monica!”

– K. Cutler, 9/28/16


“I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU! You’ve started me on an incredible journey and I’m just so utterly grateful and thankful for you! I was in such a rut – unmotivated and plagued by procrastination and you’ve set me on a path of such a sense accomplishment. I’ve slowly been chopping away at all the things that have been nagging me. I’ve still got a ways to go but I’m just feeling so great about life right now and I really just have so much of it of you to thank for. Thank you Monica! You are doing something great on this earth!!!”

– G. Michael 9/11/16