5 Ways to Boost Your Activity, Every Day!

If you can’t get to the gym, you can still get in a good workout. Try one, or all five of these tips!

  1. Take the stairs: If you work or live in an elevatored building, take the stairs to your desired destination! According to a Harvard Health study, walking up stairs is “twice as taxing as brisk walking on the level and 50% harder than walking up a steep incline or lifting weights.” Take them at your own pace – even if you walk at a slower pace you will “burn calories two to three times faster climbing stairs than walking briskly on the level.”
  2. TV Show Game: Use those commercial breaks to your advantage! Pick an exercise, or a set of exercises, to fit into the 2 – 3 minutes that it takes to get through a commercial break! Can you fit 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and 10 squats into 2 minutes? By the end of your show, you’ll have fit in an awesome workout!
  3. Park far away: We all love getting that perfect parking spot, but if you park farther away from the entrance, you’ll have a longer way to walk! If you are going grocery shopping, that’s also a great opportunity to farmers’ walk with heavy bags back to your car!
  4. Drink more water: All those trips to the office water cooler add up. In addition, if you’re staying more hydrated, you’ll also have the urge to… well… relieve yourself more often! That means more time walking around. Want an extra challenge? When you need to use the restroom, take the stairs to use the restroom on a different floor. Add to that the fact that proper hydration helps curb appetite and keep your system functioning properly, and it’s an allover win!
  5. Perform your own housework: Instead of hiring someone to do all the walking for you, get physical! Squat down low to scrub those baseboards. Bring your laundry up and down the stairs. Vacuum every surface you can!

Want even more ways to get fit with a busy schedule? Check out these 7 proven hacks for finally getting your body back in under 10 minutes a day (without a gym!)

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