Finding An Accountabili-Buddy

It can be easier to achieve your nutrition and fitness goals when you have an external resource to hold you accountable. When going at it alone, it can be tempting to put off that morning run, or take a pit stop at a fast food place because you’re SO hungry and after all, it’s only one meal…

Enter: The Accountabili-Buddy. An Accountabili-Buddy is a person who will check in with you and make sure you are still on track with your goals and tasks. It’s not one-sided; when you get an accountabili-buddy, you become one as well. Being someone else’s buddy will also help you stay on track – it might inspire you to reach for that apple after dinner, instead of a glass of wine, or give you ideas about what you need to do if you’re feeling stuck.

Here’s what we suggest – set a weekly phone call with your Accountabili-Buddy. Limit that call to 30 minutes, so you won’t be tempted to chat or stray off topic. Use those 30 minutes to celebrate your accomplishments from the previous week, as well as work through your setbacks. Your Accountabili-buddy will do the same thing, and you will both create a list of new tasks and goals for the upcoming week.

It’s ideal to have an Accountabili-Buddy who is also pursuing nutrition and fitness goals, but they do not need to be the same as yours! Remember, it’s important to focus on your whole health. Your Accountabili-buddy’s goals may be to eat more healthfully, but they may also be to take more personal time to decompress, to make sure he or she is getting enough sleep, etc. You can both encourage and support each other to pursue your own individual paths!

Just one request: Please make sure you aren’t coaching each other on health, nutrition, or fitness goals. Please consult a professional for that type of guidance so that you don’t end up backtracking!

Ultimately, it can never be a bad thing to have someone else’s support. So what are you waiting for? Go find your Accountabili-Buddy!!

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