Why You Need to Make Time for Food Journaling

Food journaling, or keeping an accurate log of your food and drink intake has the power to change your life.

To begin, for a few days, make an accurate log of every single thing you eat and drink throughout your day. If it’s relevant, you might want to note what you’re doing while you’re eating (driving to work, watching television), or if you’re feeling a particularly strong emotion while you’re eating (eg; 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream, very stressed). You can also log your energy levels throughout the day.

After a week, you can go in and evaluate if there are any patterns you notice. Perhaps you were under the impression that you eat rather healthfully, but upon inspection you find that you snacked on sugary sweets way more than you realized! Or perhaps you correlate dips in energy throughout the day to what you’re fueling your body with? Maybe you eat healthily all day but tend to cave to sweets or carbs after dinner? If you notice something you would like to change, try another week with that change in place, and evaluate your food journal at the end of your second week. You’ll be fascinated with how much you can learn just from looking at your week in meals.

Mindfulness can be a great first step in making lifelong, sustainable changes to your nutrition. Although no one has to see your food journal but you, having an extra source to keep you accountable might begin to influence the positive changes you’ve been looking for!

Here are some helpful tips to starting and keeping a great food journal:

  • Record everything you eat. EV. RY. THING. If possible, log it as soon as you’ve eaten it, so you can get the most accurate record.
  • Do NOT cheat. Even if you feel embarrassed about that time you snuck into the freezer to grab that extra spoonful of ice cream, record it! That data can be useful to you when it comes to crafting your future.
  • If you’re cooking, include your ingredients. It may be helpful to know how your body responds to certain ingredients.
  • Log the times of your meals and snacks
  • Don’t forget your beverages! Lattes, happy hour cocktails and juices all count.
  • Log your water intake as well. Many of us spend more time drinking coffees, juices and sodas rather than water!

As you become aware of what you put into your body, it’s important to take a few minutes every day to put some energy out! In UNDER 10 MIN A DAY you can follow these 7 proven hacks for finally getting your body back. And, guess what, you don’t need a gym membership!

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