Why Kale Is So Amazing!


Kale! I love kale! I love to juice it, put it in salads, steam it, sauté it– all of it!

Here are some reasons why it’s so great:
— It has cancer-fighting benefits (due to its unusual concentration of two types of antioxidants- carotenoids and flavonoids), which in this day and age is smart for everyone to think about!
— It supports the detoxification process in the body.
— It lowers cholesterol–especially when it’s steamed.
— One cup provides more than 100% of the daily value of vitamin K and A.
— One hundred calories of Kale provides the body with 25% – 35% of the recommended, most basic omega-3 fatty acids.
— It’s a cruciferous veggie, so it provides similar health benefits to broccoli and cabbage.

So check it out!!! And here’s a nice, simple recipe to get you started!

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