Why Broccoli Is So Amazing

I think it’s funny how there’s this silly historical battle of kids vs. broccoli. I, personally, have always loved it! But– it’s out there. Some people just don’t like these adorable, tree-like,super beneficial veggie.

Let’s change that!

Here are some more reasons why broccoli is so great:
—Good source of vitamins A and C
—Excellent resource for calcium for those who don’t rely on dairy (which is good!)
—It’s great for providing fiber, AND half is soluble and half is in-soluble, so it helps you towards your daily needs for both types.
—It (and other cabbages) belong to the cruciferous family, and have great cancer-fighting benefits.
—It (and many other veggies) will help to alkalizer your body, which is very important!

Not convinced? Try this recipe!!!

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