Daily Preparation!


Hello, beauties!
As I was crankily (is that a word?) packing my lunch today, I started thinking about how this could be an opportunity to get in the right frame of mind for the day… Yes, it’s 6:30 and I’d rather be curled up in my bed fast asleep, but I have to be awake; might as well make the best of it!!!
So, as a put my carrots in a baggie (to go with my red pepper hummus– yum!) , I think about how I want those carrots to nourish my body. I choose a tea, i choose one based on what I need for the days– which herbs will do what and why… As I pick my grapes, I ponder why I was complaining when I know that this is what’s best for my body and my life!
If you haven’t read this post Monica wrote about making time for a cooking day each week, you should check it out! It will make the morning prep for each day go even more smoothly!

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