Real Life Fuel Efficiency

True Confessions: Life is hard.

The Universe does this cute little thing sometimes where it just throws a million things at you to see what you can catch and juggle.  One of the things that I was dealt lately was moving all of my belongings from the garage of one of my dear friends to my new apartment.  The best thing that came out of this was two days with my two favorite souls in the world. Then came the hard part: Driving eight hours in a U-Haul when I’ve never driven anything bigger than a hatchback ford focus. Ha!

When I got in the truck and started driving, I noticed that one of the gauges on the car was measuring fuel efficiency. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had something like that for our lives: Something to measure not only the quality of what we’re putting in, but also how we were expending the energy that our nourishment gave us?

Personally, I know that I would be living in the red zone lately.  Firstly, because of my crazy schedule it’s been so hard to make the time be eating well.  I’m living in the 20% (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read this!), and let me tell you this: MY BODY FEELS THE DIFFERENCE.  It knows, and it’s not happy.  I have no energy, I feel puffy and bloated, and just completely drained and sad.

So, then, when I’m not putting good fuel into my body to begin with, how can I manage how efficiently I’m using the “energy” that it is giving me? Working a number of jobs with about 6 hours of sleep a night and a smaller than desirable amount of veggies: RED ZONE. An endless cycle of puffy, tired, sad red-zone-ness.

The moral of this story, my friends, is that our bodies know the difference between eating good, live, nutritious food and fast, easy, sugar and chemical filled “food.” Here’s a post about why eating live food is so great! And it knows when we’re treating it well or not. When we’re buying regular unleaded or premium.  And while you might not see a big difference in how your car run, you WILL in your body.  Or are you treating your car better than you treat your body?  QUIT IT!  Get enough sleep.  Do things that make you happy! Remember how short life is and really think about how much the things you’re stressing about will matter in a month.  In a year? In 10 years? Be FUEL EFFICIENT!

Hope that everyone is eating lots of veggies and keeping up with all the things they have to juggle! Life is hard, but falling into the trap of easy, crappy eating will NOT make it easier!

Are you struggling with poor eating? Or are you trying to eat well, but still having digestive or weight loss issues? Shoot us an email at to snag one of Monica’s FREE strategy sessions to finally solve your problems!

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