Where It All Begins:

Well, ravishing readers, this blog’s topic is a complete product of circumstance.  I had planned to talk about the difference between eating live food and dead food.  Sounds good, right? I thought so, too, so check back tomorrow for that blogaroo.  The universe, however, had some different plans for me…

I’m petsitting right now, and as I opened up the laptop to get started of the blog this morning, now of the sweet, sweet kitties (her name’s Maggie) found the computer equally as appealing.  She started walking around ann sitting on my keyboard.  I though it was cute, so before I removed her, I took a second to take a couple pictures. I then realized that she had opened the preferences and was changing things with her kitty butt button pushing. So I scooped her off of the keyboard and attempted to restore things.  I have no idea what she changed, but for some reason i couldn’t get any web pages to load and was having some other crazy problems.  Blog on HOLD, to say the least.

What does this have to do with nutrition? Nothing.

But it does have to do with obstacles and attitude.  I got a little cranky with the kitty when I couldn’t get my computer to work, and realized about 15 minutes into it how silly I was being.  She’s a cat.  She didn’t do anything on purpose, and it was sure to be easily fixed– I just haven’t figured it out yet.

The thing is, life is rarely in our control.  We can make as many plans as we want, but the universe will do as it pleases. It’s important to keep in mind that, even though we can’t always control our surroundings, we CAN control our attitudes and our efforts. THAT is where it all begins.

So you can’t get those extra pounds off? Don’t be discouraged, something WILL work.  You have a digestive or auto-immune disorder? Often, a change of diet can solve much of the problem. You have cancer? Check out Kris Carr, a woman who took that opportunity to change her life and heal herself.

It’s all about attitude.  If you send out negativity and badness, chances are god that negative, bad thins will return to you. So, I quit being mad at the kitty and took a walk with the dogs. Came back, restarted my computer, and voila! Things were up and running and I could use the internet again.

The point I really want to get across is– don’t give up on yourself.  There is help to be found, and the good news is, if you’re reading this blog, you’re one step closer! The founder and director of HHF has a handful of free strategy sessions to help you solve your dietary/health problems.  Please email us to start your health journey today!

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