Best source of nutrition?

Just so I don’t keep you hanging: It’s fruits and vegetables. Gotcha. : )

If I haven’t made you mad enough to keep you from reading the rest, I’ll continue…

So, I was walking by a Walgreens/CVS/Duane Reade type of store this weekend and saw an end cap labeled “Nutrition” through the window. I was scurrying along, so I slowed my average NY speed walking to catch what they had displayed in such an important category, and it turned out to just be a bunch of diet bars.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if, instead of bars and supplements and shakes miracle pills, on a shelf labeled “Nutrition” is where stores kept things like fruits and vegetables and quinoa?

Now I don’t mean to be a debbie downer about all bars. In fact, in times of crazy schedules and general life madness, they can be helpful in a crunch! What concerns me are silly diets that have people only eating bars and drinking shakes to be “healthy.” Huh?

My favorite bar right now is the Good Greens bar. They are made by a Cleveland based company, so when I was attending school in Cleveland, they were readily available and so great to keep me going during my ridiculous college schedule! They are vegan, gluten free and boast to provide 100% of your daily fruits and vegetables.

Also, they’re freakin delicious.

BUT! I’m afraid that some people who eat things like this think that they are an alternative to eating REAL food.

They’re not.

So, in a PINCH, feel free to reach for your bar of choice (after researching the real nutritional value and what they will really be doing for you), but don’t let the convenience keep you from planning ahead to prepare/cook real, whole foods with a actual fruits and vegetables. These are still processed foods, and are not to replace the real, whole, good ole natural FOOD.

Live food is the best food. Check back for more on this later in the week!

And, while you’re waiting for our next enthralling, informative blog, why not shoot us an email for a shot at a FREE strategy session with Monica to figure out what is the best plan of action to help you reach your health goals and FINALLY overcome your struggles with wellness and/or weight loss. It will be totally worth it, I promise!

4 thoughts on “Best source of nutrition?

  1. earthdrifter says:

    I used to think those bars were good but have also realized that real food’s the way to go. Packing in a ton of nutrients mixed together in an unnatural form isn’t the same as eating real food. While on the road, carrying raisins and other dried fruits, and almonds, walnuts and cashews is a great way to hold yourself over while nourishing yourself well simultaneously.

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