Are you lacking Vitamin L?

You know how sometimes you stumble across something that at JUST the right moment?  This is something real that’s going on with me right now, and I love that Kris’ (check out crazy sexy life) blogs always remind me of what’s good about life and where to focus my energy!

Even as life is overwhelming and you don’t even feel like there’s time to breathe, remember to be totally head over heels in love with yourself.  And if you aren’t, why not? And why not do something to change it? These are things I ask myself every single day!

So, I wanted to share this newsletter with you.  I hope it hits home for someone as much as it did for me!!!

Liberation Lovers,
Today I was reminded that not only do I write for you, I write to remind myself. Like you, I am busy. And sometimes busy gets the best of me! Why do you think I’ve been focusing on love so much recently? Because stress truly sucks (the beat from my heart). And I just hate that feeling. You know the one — depletion. Well, since we last connected I let myself slip-slide. My “I love you” mirror still sits on my desk, but this week she’s draped in dust. As a result, I’ve experienced a depletion in vitamin L. Love. I don’t know if your doctor has mentioned this to you, but a depletion of vitamin L is very dangerous. It makes you snappy and unstable.

But as I said last week, you/I have the power to choose our attitudes. Enter my zippy assistant Lauren who proceeded to send me a pile of the kindest, brightest, most attitude-shifting and caring love vitamins from my readers. It’s funny how the simplest gesture can have such a profound effect.

Check out this love vitamin from Susan: I am a 2-year breast cancer survivor … yay!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kris! I took your advice, and told myself “I am totally in love with my life,” then I told myself, “I’m going to start looking for 5 things of beauty every day.” Well, this morning, on my beautiful early morning run, in the course of an hour, I had already found all 5 of them! Now, my whole outlook has changed … there is beauty everywhere! I thank God for you and your books! I love life!

Susan, you reminded me of one of the greatest teachings my grandmother ever shared with me: “See the details, find the beauty, notice the majesty, awaken to the brightness … it’s everywhere.”

This week, make a mental note of the lovely in the rocks, flowers, wind, birds, dappled light and so on. Now THAT’S a vitamin!

Peace + vitamin L,

P.S. Last night I went on a great adventure. At 9 pm, I cracked. No AC and, aye chihuahua, were we hot! Rather than moaning + cursing the July flames, we hopped in the truck and zoomed to Walmart to purchase a tent. Lola stood guard all night, we star + moon gazed, and this morning I awoke to a sweet, breezy sunrise with my beautiful family.

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