Why Veggies Are SO Amazing!

So, one of my dearest, dearest friends has decided to start juicing!!!! : )  I’m so excited for her and all the goodness that will ensue!

But starting a new path on your health journey like this can be confusing and overwhelming! One of the questions she asked me was what the specific benefits of each veggie are, and what they might do for different ailments or conditions. I looked all over the internet, and found these cool resources!

A cool overview of veggies by color and what they have to offer:
Here are some more specific lists with benefits of individual veggies:
But THIS is probably the best option– I’ll probably get it for myself once I have a few spare dollars! It looks awesome!
The “Juicing Bible” book lists what all produce qualities are. It also lists health problems and what juice combos aid that problem. But the real worth of the book is not only the recipes but you can look up ANY veg/fruit/herb item and it will give you a full description of:
Actions – what the produce actually does for you
Uses – Same as above but more detail and vitamin content
Juicing Yield
So, hopefully this gives you some new information about the wonders of VEGGIES and all that they can do of your health!  If you’d like help more specific to your needs, why not shoot us an email at support@hhfusion.com for a free strategy session with Monica???

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