Juicing for Weight-Loss and Detoxification

I’m on a juicing kick!

BUT! It’s important to note that juicing isn’t for everyone.  If you are making fruity juices, it can introduce a large amount of sugar into your body and cause blood glucose spikes because the fiber from the actual fruit isn’t there to be digested and slow down the absorption rate (check back for more on fiber from Monica later this week!). So, if you have blood-sugar issues, this is something to be aware of.

For this reason we suggest very veggie juices (like the one I told you about here ) because they’re less sugary!

Something I like to tell people about the detox and weight-loss benefits of juicing or doing a sweet little juice fast is this: the toxins we eat and are subjected to are sometimes fat soluble instead of water soluble. This means that they will store themselves deep in your fat cells and not go away, which means the fat won’t go away! You may be going strong for a while, but then hit a weight-loss wall.  Sound familiar?  When doing a detox, the  toxins bind to certain minerals in the juices (also look back this week for a post about which veggies/fruits might give you which benefits!), and then the fat is more available to be eliminated.  Cool, right?

From my friends at wellness resources.com:
“…toxins are stuffed into your fat in the first place to get them away from your metabolism.  When they are in your circulation they can readily disrupt your metabolism, causing weight gain.  Yet, as you lose weight they go back into your circulation.  You must effectively clear them or you will feel crummy, fatigued, irritable, and/or simply not lose any weight.

Sometimes you will lose weight just fine for a while and then you hit a toxic layer of fat.  You didn’t change your diet or exercise – possibly there was a bit more stress – but now you are in a toxic slow down.  Your weight loss will stop or you will start gaining weight as your body now holds water in an effort to dilute the poisons.  If you get frustrated you’ll start eating more, which will actually make you feel much better, as the toxins will be packaged back up into fat and sent back to storage.  Of course, you won’t feel much better next time you look at the scale. ”

I hate that so much gross stuff is in our body that we don’t even know about or have any control over.

The good news is, doing a cleanse every once in a while (I shoot for once a month), helps to eliminate some of these toxins and symptoms!  The body is an amazing machine that, under the right conditions, is very effective at eliminating bad guys and keeping you healthy and happy. The hitch is, the more you eat, the more your body has to work and focus on digesting, and the less time it has to combat the toxic intruders (think about this when it comes to snacking– constant snacking makes it so your body never really has a break to work on other things!). Drinking delicious, detoxifying veggie juices will give your body a break from digestion, enable your body to absorb the necessary nutrients more efficiently, and perhaps be the key to eliminating some of those STUBBORN, ANNOYING, LINGERING pounds!

What is your favorite detox juice recipe?

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3 thoughts on “Juicing for Weight-Loss and Detoxification

  1. Juicingpedia says:

    In order to help your body deal with the sugar from fruits you can and swiss chard to your recipes. Swiss chard contains a flavonoid called syringic acid. Syringic acid actually helps your body regulate blood sugar.

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