It’s Too Hot to Samba, So Bike!

As we begin the summer months, and it gets more and more beautiful outside, who wouldn’t want to find great ways to exercise while enjoying the beautiful weather?  Amazingly enough, I have found a solution: biking!

I’ve been biking more frequently lately, and thought I would share my experience with you as we make the transition into summer! Knowing the crunch for both time and space that many people have, I realize that it’s not practical to think that everyone owns a bike– I don’t either! When I feel the urge to pedal through Central Park, I call upon Larry’s Freewheeling to remedy my bikelessness (check out their facebook page here! ). Check local listings for places that might rent bikes near year, or sell used bikes at reasonable rates.

Biking truly is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of summer while burning calories, working your entire body (in a way that’s joint friendly), and getting some cardio into your schedule!  I hope to see you out there! Happy peddling!


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