What to Eat and When to Eat It: Lunch

Every body is different, and each of you require a slightly different diet for optimal health (this is one reason why we offer private coaching! If you are interested, email support@hhfusion.com for a Free Consultation). However, there are a few standard rules most people can apply to their dietary intake to increase health and shed a few pounds along the way! Here they are:



Breakfast and lunch should be the bigger meals of the day. Let’s think about it in terms of the fuel concept – you need far more fuel to go 60 miles (i.e. morning to evening) than to go 5 miles (i.e. dinner to bed). Eat a substantial lunch to avoid overeating at dinner.


Of dinner and lunch, this meal would be the one to include more carbohydrates. If your aim is to lose a significant amount of weight or any amount of weight in a short time (or to just be healthier), I highly recommend limiting processed carbs. Try half of a cup of quinoa or brown rice with mixed vegetables and a lean protein. You could also have a whole grain bread (preferably sprouted) sandwich with organic turkey and avocado. Remember that you will see faster results when eating at home or bringing food to work that you prepare. Places where you eat out are not counting the tablespoons of oil or butter they are preparing your food with, and the portions are most likely too large. Not to mention, you’ll save money eating at home!


It is best to eat every 3-5 hours, and to eat before you are very hungry. If you finish eating breakfast around 8am, lunch should probably be around noon.

Let us know how it goes implementing these ideas by leaving comments here! If you need support on your weight loss journey, email support@hhfusion.com for a Free Consultation!

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