Go to India with Vedic Odyssey!

Two years ago, I embarked upon a life-altering journey through India with Vedic Odyssey. I am now partnering Vedic Odyssey to provide travelers with great information on how to use Indian cuisine and spices to improve their health for their February culinary tour! Should you join them, the booklet you receive will be chock-full of resources written by yours truly!

I cannot recommend this adventure highly enough! If you have ever considered going to India, this is THE best way to do it! It’s all-inclusive, so just show up and and enjoy the journey:

– Visit and meditate in some of the most sacred temples in India.
– Learn about Hinduism and meditation practice.
– Eat delicious vegetarian meals.
– Take cooking classes in local homes, residence of India’s best chefs
– Explore markets, villages and farms
– Visit local artisans such as sari weavers and sculpture casters.
– And much more!

Dandipani takes you places most westerners cannot go, and makes the travel between locations seamless (which, in India, is an awesome feat!).

If you’d like to hear more from me and about my experience traveling with Vedic Odyssey, email me at monica@hhfusion.com. Otherwise, click here for more information.


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