Indulge! (Then listen.)

I just indulged in a massive BLTA on an everything bagel from Brooklyn Bagel. This extravagant choice falls in line with my 80/20 rule (If you have not read that post, do! It’s an important one!). I love to delve into my 20% whole-heartedly, as I did today, with no remorse or guilt. However, I do take the time to reflect and listen to my body afterward.

Paying attention to how foods make you feel – from minutes after eating until the end of the day – is an important step in your journey toward optimal health. For example, I feel pretty awful right now. I’m starting to get a headache; my stomach is overstretched; I feel heavy, achy, and tired; and this bagel bulge isn’t so cute either! I enjoyed my indulgence, but taking note of how I feel after the fact is what helps me make great choices the other 80% of the time. So, next time you grab a yummy treat, stop and listen to what your body thinks of it.

…Now I’m off to drink loads of water and maybe juice some veggies! It’ll help me stop feeling so gross! Bleh!

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