Food for Thought: Community

Okay, okay, I know I just named this series of posts “Random Wednesdays” last week, but I rethought it. Knowing me, these posts will usually be slightly philosophical and thought-provoking – thus, “Food for Thought.” Still on Wednesdays, still random. (And you, of course, get the food punny I’m making, right?)

When I am visiting where I grew up, also where my mom currently lives, I often end up doing as she does, following her regime. On Wednesdays, she goes to Wednesday night dinners at the church, and as usual I followed. As I looked around tonight at the large amount of smiling faces, laughter, and not-so-healthy food, I thought “wow, this is community.” Everyone was sharing and engaged, truly caring about each other. It was wonderful. I live in New York City now, where everyone you pass is a stranger (well, almost, sometimes you spot a celebrity), and I miss feeling a part of a strong, well-established community. We’re all so busy running around that our time to really connect with people becomes so limited. I literally schedule – and then reschedule – time with my friends, forget finding time for a larger community! I have decided that needs to change. I want to get involved somewhere; maybe I’ll volunteer; maybe I’ll create a meet-up group (; or maybe I’ll just start a weekly trip to the mountains and commune with the animals… that doesn’t sound too bad actually…

Any ideas? Where do you find community? And why is it important to you?

…food for thought.

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Community

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m right there with you! I find community sometimes within the group of friends that we share but we are ALL only together maybe once a year for a christmas party. Even then not ALL of us can make it. Is this why people join communes?

    When I think of community I think of a group of people working together to make their neighborhood safer, cleaner, healthier, brighter and more fun. I think about young couples scooping snow not only on their walk way but their neighbors walk way. I think about supporting Girl Scouts and the high school basketball teams. I think about knowing the names of your trash collectors, your mail men/women, the dogs that you see all the time and their owners.

    We are all living in the same place. Why not actually get to know about each other and look out for each other?

    Nice thought Monica!

    • Monica says:

      I agree. It’s that neighborhood feel… where everyone knows you & people are generally up for helping each other out. I think maybe we just have to reach out more. My boyfriend lives in a building in Harlem where everyone says hello and most people know each other, or at least recognize each others’ faces. One day, I was carrying too much and was having trouble getting it all in the building, and these two ladies twice my age jumped up from their comfy-cozy-on-the-bench conversation to help me. It was lovely, and sad that it is so abnormal that it surprised me!

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