The Secret to Success: The One-Goal Theory

I don’t know if this theory is as much a theory as it is something I’m going to tell you to do, because it works. It was probably someone’s theory at some point, because it works. I bet many someones have written multiple books about it, because it works. What’s the “theory,” you ask?

If I said, “think of your goals,” I bet you could come up with a list at least as long as your arm. Good for you! It’s great to have goals! It is not great, however, to inundate yourself with the unattainable, and end up frozen in overwhelm. So, pick one. Pick one goal, carefully. Make it attainable. If your goal is to exercise more, please don’t ask yourself to exercise 6 days a week when you haven’t even been exercising 1 day per week. Make it 2 days, for 30 minutes. Start small. The great thing about goals is that you can always adjust and increase. Definitely see that big goal out in the distance, but keep your short-term goals realizable. Your success will increase so significantly that you will come back to this post to tell me how wonderful I am for sharing this ever-so-secret (non-)theory with you. Well, you’re welcome.

So, to review: Starting today, pick ONE goal to start TOMORROW, one small step at a time. Starting one goal and finishing it slowly will get you there faster than never starting at all!

Go forth and prosper my friends! Let me know how it goes!

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