Random Wednesdays: American Idol & Gratitude

I decided today that I want to leave space somewhere on this blog for my thoughts; a place for you to get to know me, the person, not just my knowledge and viewpoints on nutrition. So I chose today, Wednesday. It’s random, just like the posts will be. From now on, every week, we’ll have some random Wednesday time together. (Edit 2/2/11: Post series now titled “Food for Thought,” same concept though!)

Steven, J-Lo, Ryan, and RandyTonight I was watching American Idol – yes, I watch AI. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I love watching people succeed. It’s perfect for me – I was so incredibly moved by the last guy they auditioned. His voice was lovely, but what impressed me the most was his character. Just months before he and his fiancee were intending to wed, she got into an accident that severely disabled her. He has stuck by her and continued to be her care-taker, fiancee, friend, and support. I do not know many people – especially at such a young age – that would show that sort of dedication. After seeing her, seeing the difference between the life she is living, and the life she might have led, I thought “we take so much for granted.” And by “we,” I suppose I mean “I.” I mean, how many days do you wake up grateful to be able to go to the gym to workout? How often do you look at your life and realize you are healthy, you have people that love you, and you have a roof over you head? I definitely do not do it enough, especially with my actions. There are so many more obstacles that we could face, beyond just making it day-to-day, working hard, and living our busy lives.

So, my challenge to you – and myself – this week is to find your gratitude. Either journal about it, write letters/emails to people in your life that make a difference, pray, tell your co-workers why you love your life, sing a song, something, something to express the gratefulness for the life you are leading. And to those of you out there struggling with something disabling, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional… my thoughts, prayers, positive energy, and hope are all with you.

I will start my gratitude with you… Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my random thoughts, and if you’re visiting other posts, to learn about health and nutrition! I so appreciate all the comments, emails, and personal words of support I’ve been getting since starting the post-a-day challenge. The encouragement helps! Thank you!

Have a beautiful day!

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