Carbs or No Carbs?

Ever since the Atkins revolution, everyone seems to be confused about carbs. I’m going to try to help out with that. Here are some important facts to remember when deciding ...

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Stop the Madness!: Simple Steps to Navigating Nutrition & Health

It seems like every day there is a new miracle food, diet, or supplement, and another food/diet/supplement that you once trusted that is now deemed eeeeevil. When in doubt, revert ...


The Soda Dilemma & What To Do About It

I’ll admit it. It’s a dilemma for me too. Growing up, I had coke – in the Atlanta area, we called everything coke – not every day, but frequently. The ...

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The 80/20 Rule (READ THIS NOW!)

The 80/20 rule is one of the best ways to achieve your ...
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The Best Brussel Sprout Recipe

Brussel sprouts for people who think they hate brussel sprouts! I made ...
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Cooking Day!: Finally Make Cooking Doable!

This simple tip makes my life a million times easier and is ...

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Cravings: Why They Happen & How to Avoid Them

Many people view cravings as weakness, which I hope to rectify with this post. Instead, they are important messages meant to assist you in maintaining balance. When your body is deficient in a nutrient, it sends an alert – sometimes a full-on alarm – to inform you of the problem. This “alert” can manifest in […]

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5 Quick (& Fun?!) Workout Ideas

So often my clients, friends, and family complain to me that they do not have time to workout, and I bet you feel the same way. Sure, you calculate the amount of time it takes to get to the gym, do your full workout, shower, and get back to work/home. Surprise!: Just 10-20 minutes a […]

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7 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Eating Healthier, & How You Can Benefit!

Getting children to eat a healthy diet is a battle that every parent faces. But have no fear! Here are a few easy concepts that you can implement to get your kids eating healthier in no time: 1. Add the Good Stuff In, Crowd the Bad Stuff Out: If you are concerned that your child […]

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Wheat: An Overview (Then, Now, and What It Means)

I’ve been reading the book Wheat Belly and have been thinking about how the agricultural evolutions during the last decade have contributed to the state of health/weight in America. AND how I could break it down to share with our readers. Then, this morning, I received an email from Hungry for Change with a link […]

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Saying “Sorry. No. And Thank You” with Meaning.

Borrowed from the delightful Kris Carr, here is a few though on how to say what you mean and mean what you say! —————————— Sorry. No. Thank you … January 28, 2013 I have a deep-rooted calling to feel happy. To love the skin I’m in and to embrace all the nooks and crannies that […]

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What Can Turmeric Do For You?

Thanks to Meghan Telpner for this fab list of reasons why Turmeric is so great! She recommends adding it to a spice tea! —————————— Turmeric tea is a serious drink, not for the faint of heart. It might just cure every last ache, pain, and whoa-is-me in your life (this might be an exaggeration a […]

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The Morning After: Thanksgiving

It’s happened to everyone: that guilt that creeps in the morning after we do something “bad.” Let’s face it: this time of year, it’s usually to do with too many cookies, potatoes, pies, or just servings! The simple fact is, letting yourself get wrapped up in the feelings of regret over falling off the wagon […]

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The Ever-Controversial Aspartame:

I happened upon this article about aspartame by Food Matters, and thought it was worth sharing. Aspartame is one of the most-argued-about substances when it comes to the general public. What do you think about it? Do you believe all the arguments against it? Do you consume it anyway? From Food Matters: Aspartame, more commonly […]

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5 Natural Ways to Fight the Flu!

Hello Flu Fighters! I ran across this list of ways to avoid illness this winter: the natural way! Thanks to Meghan Telpner! Vaccinations are a hot, hot, and very heated topic. We all want to be healthy and we all want to do our best for ourselves and our family to maintain great health throughout […]

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Save Kids from Post-Halloween Sugar Overload!

It’s the day after Halloween, and parents across the country are faced with a problem: How to keep my kids from eating too much candy! while we, of course, encourage an honest discussion with your children about why eating too much candy is bad, sometimes other tactics must be employed… Here are some ideas to […]

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5 Steps to Clean Up Your Diet!

I was emailed this awesome list of ways to clean up your body and your life! It was sent from the people from Hungry For Change and written by the ever-inspiring Kris Carr! Check it out!

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Yummy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies!

This is one of my go-to vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes! Here are some tips from experience– • the shape doesn’t change a lot in the baking process, so flatten them into cookie shape when putting them on the tray! • I flip them over half way (about 5 minutes) into baking! • the dough […]

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